Become an Educational Volunteer in Costa Rica

One of the countries that have become a voluntary project destination for all non-profit organizations is Costa Rica. This country is so popular for voluntary activities because of its relative safety, geography and distinctive landscape. Volunteers have nothing to lose when running voluntary programs in this country; they will enjoy the beauty of pristine beaches, lakes, wildlife and volcanoes. Costa Rica is a developed country in Latin America; if you read some references on the internet, you will find information that Costa Rica leads the international table in the export of Coffee and Banana and this country has the most stable government in the troubled region. Even so, Costa Rica still has a number of problems that need to be resolved together.

This country still needs the help of international volunteers. They are tasked with fighting for the education system in rural areas. There are many schools and communities in rural areas, especially in the Escazu and San Jose areas that are willing and want to get help from international volunteers who can contribute to their development.

Another interesting thing for international volunteers is that Costa Rica has many interesting attractions such as: the Montverde cloud rainforest; Lake Arenal and a living volcano; Tortuguero; turtle; and the Sloth sanctuary. A number of national parks and nature reserves; abundant wildlife from north to south; and most importantly, this is a dream of water lovers with lots of beaches and great surfing breaks. Actually, this country is very extraordinary to find valuable experiences in life. In addition to conducting volunteer activities you can also learn Spanish with local residents directly.

Costa Rica needs experts when discussing the education system. There are many trivial things that require handling such as the availability of teachers, the availability of clean water in schools, inadequate classes, etc. Well, this is an opportunity for those of you who have expertise in the world of education; you can use knowledge to improve the education system in this country. Children need professional educators who handle education problems sincerely.

The exodus of teachers who prefer to work in schools with more complete facilities in urban areas makes rural schools lack of teachers. As a result, rural schools only have a few teachers, even no teachers at all. In some rural schools, not infrequently one teacher teaches all school grades. Sometimes, teachers are even required to work in two or more separate schools from several villages.

In conclusion, costa rica is a good destination and is in dire need of international volunteer teachers. This is an opportunity for volunteers who are teachers; you can take volunteer programs related to educational programs. There are many schools and orphanages that need professional teachers. Please read reviews about volunteers to Costa Rica at There are many information that you can get such as, 19 programs offered, volunteer age limits, donations needed, volunteer work locations, working hours, etc.


The Perfect Tourist Destinations

Koh Samui has many attractions and culture. One popular attraction is the Full Moon party. This is the perfect event to meet new friends and drink, while enjoying good music. Other Koh Samui festivals that are worth a visit are the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, the Buffalo Fighting festival, Samui regatta and many more, or you can access travel site for more complete information.

There are many interesting things from Koh Samuai, one of which is Samui Regatta. This event cannot be missed, because this is an annual international sailing competition that brings participants from various countries around the world. Some of these participants came from Singapore, Japan, Australia and China.

Do you intend to find suitable property in Thailand? If yes, then look for a villa located on Koh Samui. Most tourists recommend buying or renting a property because having a home here is the same as living in a heaven on earth. The property on Koh Samui is ideal during the holidays if you want to avoid traffic and crowds. Here are a few things you should consider when looking for the perfect vacation property on Koh Samui:

The first qualification that you must look for on a property in Thailand is its location. Look for one that is located near the beach or along the beach. The closer to the beach, the easier it will be for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area. They usually offer the best deals. Compare some property rates and choose one that offers a reasonable package that can meet your budget. Remember, all choices must be adjusted to the budget.

Choose a property that provides complete facilities and services. Luxury properties usually offer two or more bedrooms for traveling groups. This is perfect for families and friends traveling together. Make sure that the property you choose has comfortable and functional facilities.

Well. It is a little description of the excitement and convenience on Koh Samui. This island has a variety of interesting cultures that can be a selling point. All tourists like unique culture, they usually capture every moment in the form of pictures or videos. Koh Samui has many customs and cultures that are very unique and interesting so they deserve to be a perfect tourist destination.